Please note:

Please note that our panels are hand made artistic products, made artisanally and in no way repetitive so they are unique pieces.

We offer you different finishes and techniques, on small and very large panels, so variations in colors and finishes can occur.


The most minimalistic among the 3 different finishes we offer. The epoxy resin is applied by hand without the use of splashes or industrial machines. The final effect is that of a glass. It is possible to experience very slight variations on the surface due to the fact that the resin is brushed and not sprayed. This finish is what we highly recommend to represent stones, as it resembles a natural stone slab.

Available Glossy or Matte


This particular finish is the most requested and always unique.

The epoxy resin in this case is brushed with a destroyed technique, hence you will understand at first sight that our products are handmade.

The final effect will be that of a unique artwork, as you will see the manual use of the brush.

You can choose 3 different effects on the Dripping Finish:

Vertical/Horizontal method where you can notice the lines of the brush in the vertical direction or if you prefer horizontal.

Drops of water where the use of the epoxy resin appears as if water drips on the surface.

3D effect where the surface is not leveled and the effect of the waves is created by applying epoxy resin in different layers.

Available Glossy or Matte


In this type of finish we incorporate minerals, semi precious stones, sand or any other material that the customer likes.

Available Glossy or Matte.

Various techniques are carefully used to created our different patterns. Two panels are ever the same. Over a large panel it will have numerous shades, tones, tiny pores, dots or color shading, and the surface will have pattern specific textures and undulations. These undulations are not a defect of the panels. They appear in all of our panel and are part of the handmade process and beauty of this unmatched in quality resin application.


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