We use different supports:

  • COMPOSITE ALUMINUM 3 mm / 0.15”
  • PURE ALUMINUM 1 mm / 0.040” Bendable
  • ACRYLIC 5 mm / 0.25” Backlight
  • MIRROR 3 mm / 0.15”


  •  Aluminum 0.82 lb x S.F
  • Acrilyc 0.79 lb x S.F

We use  different supports:

  • The panels are made of 2 aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core made by Alcoa with a thickness of 3mm / 0.15”.
  • The pure anodized aluminum has a thickness of 1mm / 0.040”

These panels are widely used in the world for different needs thanks to their lightness and ease of use. In our case the panels are digitally printed with our designs using UV colors, customized and made unique by our manual technique with acrylic paints. We use metallic pigments, semi-precious minerals, glitters etc. We then cover the panels with layers of epoxy resin too make the surface completely waterproof and UV resistant.


Optical Moss Art
  • No requires watering
  • Preserved moss
  • Various types of color and texture
  • Produced in PVC and wood
  • Produced in large scale images

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